Thursday, January 10, 2013


getting back in the groove has been a challenge.  my transitioning skills are lacking.  hence the reason i am habitually late for just about everything.  my kids have even started telling me to be at places a half hour early so i will be on time.  well, close to being on time.
the holidays, a trip to cape may, and the happy new year have thrown me completely into mayhem as far as my schedule goes. 
i ran one time last week, it was the first time since right before christmas.  
i wanted to get back on the horse this week.  on monday i ran three and a half miles and on tuesday i was so uninspired and wanted to just shit-can the whole thing.  i told myself i would do two miles because it was so late in the morning.  instead, i did five miles.  (my transitioning skills worked in my favor.)

today, i met my friend kerry for a four mile run in the winter sun with a breakfast reward.  

as we ate and chatted in the diner, an older man looked at my shirt and asked if i ran the marathon.  i said, "well, i was supposed to run the marathon..."  he smiled.  then he asked if it was postponed.   
for me, yes.
there is a marathon to be run in 10 months.

thanks to my friend, jessica, for picking up my 2012 nyc marathon shirt and medal.  a token for all my training for the marathon that wasn't.   but for all the running that was.  

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  1. you did it! You got out there and did MORE than you thought you would!


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