Sunday, November 18, 2012

scenes from sandy

before the coming of sandy, i finished my longest run to date.  i took a picture to remember the day and to show off my cool sleeves.  it was a pretty awesome 18 miles.  i was ready to taper and then on to the nyc marathon.

 then sandy came.  as anticipated, we lost power.   hurricanes take us back to the prairie life, but thankfully without nelly (well, she is always lurking...we all have a nelly).   fires at night to keep warm.  and some mobile pics for the blog.... 
we had necessities....  candles, flashlights, itouches, ipads, and phones.  the only thing that lasted were the flashlights and candles.

some reading by the morning fire. 

 and then, again, no school.  just cold.  but still blessed.

lost track of surrendered...fridge and freezer clear and uncluttered.... 

 keeping warm and fed at our favorite watering hole.... 

 then on the seventh day there was power....  and one brand new box of waffles..

and then the postponed (quite chilly) halloween....


oh, and throw in election day. 
 then the snow came. 

and came....

the neighborhood squirrel fared well from single-handedly eating all the waffles and bread from our freezer.  he needs an intervention and perhaps a good pair of running shoes.
i got these sneakers in september on the dawn of my four week summer bronchitis...  i wanted to keep them for after the marathon.
rather, i wore them for the first time after darkness.
it's always brighter after darkness...


  1. Love this Nik -- and the colorful new kicks!

  2. As usual, your blog is interesting & inspiring! I hope you are going to do NYCM in 2013.??

    1. thank you, kathy! i am so excited to run in 2013... i hope it all pans out w the nyrr....

  3. Ok got it! lol...loved it! great post!


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