Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what's in your pocket?

You have this mother (bleeping) track meet 
right in the back pocket of those 
damn black running shorts you wear every day. 
No doubt.
~ my artist friend, nicole

17 days to go. 
with my longest run behind me, i am in the tapering stage of training.  i will be running less miles in the next few weeks so i recover, recoup, and re-alize that i am REALLY going to run 26 point 2 miles in new york city.  

i came across this picture today on facebook.  the beginning of the marathon. breathtaking. 
my long run last thursday was 18 miles and i am still trying to process that i went that far.  in one day.  and i did it with a pretty good pace.  i am pretty darn pleased.  and i lived to blog about it.
i am a little bummed that i didn't do a 20 mile run, but i will forever blame it on the august plague that sent me back to square one and cut my training time short.  my training started up the last week of august and i could barely run 2 miles.
training over the last nine weeks has been amazing and invigorating.  my sneakers have logged plenty of miles and i am proud of my progress and growth.  my bathtub and epsom salt have been used in overdrive, my man has given more foot massages than he would care to admit, and my friends and family have been busy planning where they will hydrate while they follow me through the city.   (i hope they make it to the finish line.)

i got me some compression socks today.  love them.  and my family loves to make fun of my outfits.  i'm here to entertain.  
but i will be wearing my black running shorts for that little track meet in new york city.
with the finish line in my back pocket.


  1. WooHoo...and in style!! Love it!

  2. haha.. nice Nik! So excited to be on this journey with you!

  3. you should definately wear this outfit when we go out!!!

  4. ill wash your shorts on Monday november 5. by hand.

  5. If you can do 18, you can do 26- no need for teh 20 mile training run. Its all mind over matter after 18..


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