Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what's in your pocket?

You have this mother (bleeping) track meet 
right in the back pocket of those 
damn black running shorts you wear every day. 
No doubt.
~ my artist friend, nicole

17 days to go. 
with my longest run behind me, i am in the tapering stage of training.  i will be running less miles in the next few weeks so i recover, recoup, and re-alize that i am REALLY going to run 26 point 2 miles in new york city.  

i came across this picture today on facebook.  the beginning of the marathon. breathtaking. 
my long run last thursday was 18 miles and i am still trying to process that i went that far.  in one day.  and i did it with a pretty good pace.  i am pretty darn pleased.  and i lived to blog about it.
i am a little bummed that i didn't do a 20 mile run, but i will forever blame it on the august plague that sent me back to square one and cut my training time short.  my training started up the last week of august and i could barely run 2 miles.
training over the last nine weeks has been amazing and invigorating.  my sneakers have logged plenty of miles and i am proud of my progress and growth.  my bathtub and epsom salt have been used in overdrive, my man has given more foot massages than he would care to admit, and my friends and family have been busy planning where they will hydrate while they follow me through the city.   (i hope they make it to the finish line.)

i got me some compression socks today.  love them.  and my family loves to make fun of my outfits.  i'm here to entertain.  
but i will be wearing my black running shorts for that little track meet in new york city.
with the finish line in my back pocket.

Friday, October 12, 2012

this is why we do it

when you wake up in the morning 
just remember how fortunate you are to be alive, 
to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love 
and of course to run.

yesterday.  18 miles on the trail.  longest run i've ever done.  in miles and time.  epically long.

thankfully i had good company with kerry for the appetizer six miles.  it made the next 12 that much easier to chew and digest.  at mile 10 i hit the wall.  i felt pain in my knee and my legs were dragging.  so i walked for about twenty seconds to the next tree (mile marker hell).  then i started again, i was deep into the trail and figured i had no choice but to keep going unless i used the "phone a friend" option (i didn't even know what town i was in).  by mile 13 i felt really good again (probably numb) and with the 18 written on my heart i just went mile by mile to get to the end.  by mile 14 i was getting lost in my music.  by mile 15 i knew i had already gone that far once and could do it again.  and it was only three more miles to finish.  by mile 16 i figured, what the heck is 20 more minutes?  and at mile 17 i was in the home stretch and seeing the light.  what a beautiful feeling to realize i freaking did it.  18 mother-grabbing miles.

i was aiming to run for three hours as part of the training for the marathon.  and because i had lost some time (the entire month of august because of the bronchial plague), my coach (superstar joan... suggested to go a max of three hours so i don't risk injury.    i was so close to the 18 miles that i was so hellbent on completing.  so, of course i carried on and finished in 3:13:26.  i figured those extra minutes wouldn't completely break me, and thankfully they didn't.
nyc, always a good journey, found this sign on tuesday eve

i drank my thermos of ovaltine and milk on the way home and once i got into my driveway, i wasn't sure how i would get myself out of the car since my legs had now revolted.  i dragged myself into the house, had some brunch, and plunged into the epsom salt bath of forgiveness.  wonders.  i can't say enough.

ice on the knees during the epically long yankee game.  i found my win today, they lost.  we fall down but get back up again.  there's hope for all of us. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

still going

on instagram the other day i came upon a quote i posted to facebook.   
i noticed my daughter re-posted it.   
she hadn't told me she added the quote or her wonderful words.  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

a colonic and some mud

don't be fooled by the calendar.
there are only as many days in the year as you make use of.
~charles richards

i was going to blog on monday, but i didn't.  i don't even remember monday, aside for picking up a bottle of pills.
i was going to blog on tuesday but i was too busy taking care of business before inducing the pills.
i was going to blog on wednesday but i was too busy getting violated at my colonoscopy.
i was going to blog yesterday but i was busy catching up on everything i didn't do on tuesday and wednesday, and i had to do my long run.  a long run that turned into a short 3.33 painstaking miles on the treadmill at the gym.
today i have a small window of opportunity.
so here goes...  and if you aren't interested in graphic material, skip the middle.
i had my first colonoscopy this week.  and it's true, the prep is worse than the actual procedure.  i ran tuesday morning prior to prepping and didn't get to breakfast until late in the morn.   then by mid afternoon it was time to start the colon evacuation.
so after taking the first 20 pills, the latrine was in high gear.  
later on the second round began, i somehow got the last 12 horse pills down and only gagged on two.  the colonic was extremely successful and thankfully there was balmex in the drawer from the last baby born in our house. 
i don't remember the procedure, compliments of narcotic napland.  the anesthesiologist made good on his promise that i would be asleep in a matter of seconds....  i woke up under a warmed blanket and a coffee cake at my side.  i asked if i could stay the rest of the day, but she responded to my request by making me sit up.
all is well within my colon.  i'm glad i went and got it over with, even though i did want to postpone it until after the marathon.  i'm glad i didn't wait.

the beginning
today i went on my long run on the zen trail.  my friend kerry ran the first five miles with me, along with her friend roxy.  then i continued on to do the final ten.   running with a friend makes the miles pass quickly, it's much different when you're deep inside your own head doing laps of the same scene.  over and over.  and over.   most of the trail was closed today because they were paving it, as reported by the young man guarding the bridge to sanity.  so i had to make some adjustments.  needless to say, the bridge guarder saw me five more times.  he got bitched at by a tiny lady on a bike because she couldn't continue on her planned route.  

the scene at the end
i wound up going around a lake in a different part of the park four times (big ben, parliament) because i couldn't remember how to get back to where i started.  but it helped me log some mileage.  and i also got mixed up with a flock of crazy geese.   there were some pretty major areas of mud where i hoped i wouldn't find myself slipping and sliding into a mess.  

i went 15 miles.  my longest run to date.  a good week of firsts.  but my sneakers have seen better days.