Thursday, September 20, 2012

pretty good stuff

A place to go - that's what my mother always instilled in me. 
You need a place to go. 
And you're worthless unless you have a place to go.
~larry david

it's all good.  a good weekend of resting and hiking and weather that was beyond good.   
frick & frack on the trail
came back from the woods on tuesday in another one of those storms of the century and went to the gym.  booted up the treadmill, and because we were all of a sudden in kansas, dorothy, the gym went dark.  but it was all good, about ten minutes later i was on my hamster way.  five good miles. 

on this glorious morning, i met my friend, kerry, at the park and we ran ten good miles.  what wasn't good was my nike sportband decided to go awry (hello factory reset) and some crazy bike riding dude (sans the little dog and basket) who almost ran kerry over because he wasn't paying attention.   it was a great run, nonetheless.

it was a little chilly so i ran with these cool sleeves i picked up at the nyc half in march.

good to roll down as needed

i am still trying to figure out how to drink while running (water, that is).   i was gifted this awesome bottle that is easy to use but i still made a mess of myself.

and of course, as your grandma told you, epsom salt is the the way to go to soothe sore muscles, among other things.  and the good thing is all you need is 15 minutes.  and the epsom salt council even has their own facebook page.  epsom salt really is pretty, pretty good.

and finally, i am reading (mostly by way of osmosis) this book i got a while back.  at this point, any little tidbit is helpful on my journey. 

keeps the counter warm and full of good chi

it's all good.  pretty, pretty, pretty.....pretty good.   

and to make it even better......  i have a place to go.   

the finish line is waiting.  44 days.  NYC.


  1. Nice run Nik!! So bummed I missed it - tomorrow I'll do my 10 miles by myself and will have to talk to myself the whole time (like a crazy person) but glad you're getting your miles in!!

    I just took a Chi running seminar - I've been practicing the form (more or less) I would love to borrow that book with you - we can swap "Chi" books!

    1. the whole chi thing looks very interesting... it's not easy breaking old, destructive habits.

  2. Loved our run! Miss you Jen! Can't wait to catch up with you next week! There will be many runs ahead of us =). Nik what was that gummy thing you gave me today? While you were trying to drink water I was trying not to choke on it! lol Jen or Nik write a blog of essential running gear for cold weather for me =).

    1. hey kerry, they were gu chomps...strawberry. they have all different flavors. aa for cold weather running gear, i break out the long pants (when absolutely necessary) and a jacket with the hand sleeve things. that's the extent of my gear. :0)
      looking forward to next week!

  3. Awesome photo of kids walking in woods..very serene...holding onto summer, welcoming autumn!

  4. Hey there! As usual, I love every word and crave more. Regarding the drinking issue ~ the water one ;) ...I am so glad to hear you talk about this b/c I have the very same problem and I thought there was something seriously demented about me that I couldn't drink water while running with any kind of grace. A total sloppy mess. Enjoy your new bottle! And maybe enjoy another kind of bottle, too! Good stuff, for sure.

    1. thanks deb! the bottle is good, especially since it has the soft spout so when it knocks off my teeth i dont lose any!

    2. Yes, the knocking teeth thing, too!! Spastic. LOL


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