Friday, September 21, 2012

finding happy

life is uncertain.  eat dessert first.  
 ~Ernestine Ulmer

my sportband
after the nike sportband debacle yesterday, i am still waiting for the nike people to adjust my run.  kerry and i ran 10 miles and my nike sportband told me we went 7.70.  the mile markers on the trail and kerry's garmin backed up our distance.  so, i called customer support yesterday afternoon and they patiently led me through the process of troubleshooting my aging device.  after giving my nike sensor " cpr" two times, and trying to reboot my sportband, we had to get drastic and restore the whole thing to factory settings. 
coconut water
expecting a full recovery, i had to re-calibrate the whole kit and kaboodle for my stride.  this morning i went to the track and met up with my friend, nicole.   i ran my mile as i passed my daughter's classmates during their gym period on the field which is adjacent to the track.  needless to say she was horrified that i said hello to them with my hang loose hand as i ran.  however, they did cheer me on.

so one mile logged at the track and after calibration i logged four miles.  pretty good day after the ten yesterday.  so glad it's friday.  rest day tomorrow.  i came home and had me some of my new after-running drink, but only if its chocolate.

                                        then some breakfast, or brunch, at this point.

a little while later, i met up with nicole with the intention to get something to eat.  we couldn't decide, so she suggested dairy queen, and we brought along my horrified child (too bad, so sad).  and she took a nice picture of us... with happy, re-calibrated smiles.   

me and nicole


  1. mmm dairy queen.

    I stopped for coconut water too today! It definitely is a good "recovery" post-run beverage. I got a pineapple flavored one. It was delish.

    1. i was drinking chocolate milk for a while, well actually ovaltine until vita turned me on to coconut water. but i only like the chocolate. of course. :0)

  2. I get tired just reading about all your running. I need a Nike sports band that will actually run for me while I'm sitting at home eating ice cream....

    1. that's funny, brian. let me know when you find that...

  3. Hey Nik... Thanks for the updates! Congratulations on your dedication, very impressive!
    Jimmy Country


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