Friday, September 7, 2012

brighter than the sun

labor day sky

I am a firm believer in small steps.  One day at a time we get a tiny bit better at what we practice.  It may be undetectable to bystanders.  But it’s a known truth that repetition creates warriors.
~markus almond

i ran five miles this morning.  the last 4.9 were the toughest.  they pretty much sucked.  and i sucked a lot of wind.

since the august bronchial plague, it hasn't been all that easy to get back to where i was.  in terms of miles.  and endurance.  and strength.  then, throw in labor day and time abroad, add in a few more missed days, and what you come up with is some major nyc marathon anxiety.

not to mention some ribs that were thrown out of place during the labor day wiffle ball tournament.  if a horse, i would have been glue by now.  (i have to google to glue).

on the pitcher's mound

i shall continue to take small steps.  one day at a time.  practice may turn me into an warrior.  

26.2 miles is really only 4.36 miles.  6 times.  it can be done.

8 weeks from sunday.  new york cittay.

and i hope some of the sun's brightness and spunk finds it's way into my sneaks and into my running soul.

check out the blog Brooklyn to Mars...  the wonderful quote at the top popped up in my email this morning.....

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  1. "the last 4.9 were the toughest" lol. I know that feeling! You're gonna run NYC!!


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