Monday, September 10, 2012

a swift kick

 the reason most people give up is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, 
instead of how far they have come.

some days you just need a swift kick in the ass. this morning i was at the computer sending emails, etc and mainly procrastinating about running.   i had just sent my lifelong friend, jen (whom i have nicknamed jen the runner) an email telling her how discouraged i've become about running and falling so far behind in my marathon training since losing the whole month of august to bad-ass bronchitis.  then bad-ass jen swiftly responded to me....

Well get off the f'ing computer and go get a few miles! You're running
NYC - I know you had the plague, and a tough summer -- it's gonna not
be easy but when you cross the finish line of the NYC MARATHON you're
gonna feel like King of the World! So go. Go now. And remember to have fun.

fresh kicks
with that, i laced up my new kicks and went on my merry way.  today's weather was perfect and the sky was amazing.  i went slower but i felt good.  better than i have since the on-set of the plague.   

so thanks, jen.  

jen the runner is also jen the producer.  she is producing a documentary called 
from fat to finish line...
The inspiring story of 12 strangers who've lost an average of 100 pounds and who'll now embark on the grueling 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race.
jen the producer is also jen the blogger...
Today, I run because it is a miracle that I started at all.  A gift from the universe.  I have found confidence, strength, perseverance, pride and other adjectives that I struggle to find words for. I was an overweight victim who felt like everything was impossible and out of reach. Now I’m in-shape and content.  Running saved my life.
here is more of jen's inspiring blog...

jen the producer is also jen the ass kicker.   and some days, you just need a good ass kicker.

jen the runner, nic the painter, and me, circa 2011


  1. Thanks Nik, I love that you posted about this… it's not an always road being a runner but you just have to keep going until the course gets smooth and easy again.

  2. I just read this and must have missed in the blur that was the start of school. I know are over the hump and I am so happy for you. You will get there, one determined run at a time ~ be it a long one or a short one. Running 10 minutes is better than not running. :) Each run, triumphant or defeated, gets you closer. You know. xo!


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