Friday, September 28, 2012

whatever it takes

you have to have made the commitment within yourself to do 
whatever it takes 
to get the job done and to try to inspire other people to do it, 
because obviously the first rule is you can't do it by yourself. 
~james cameron

yesterday i met up with my long-run running buddies, jen and kerry, on the zen trail.   when we run together we talk shop, we talk girl stuff, boy stuff, we talk kids,  we talk turkey and sometimes unicorns, we laugh, complain, rejoice, curse, but i'm the only one who spits.  sometimes i just have to.  but i'm a girl and i'll stereotype myself by saying i'm a girl who can't spit like a boy.  running long distances has turned me into a spitter (only when i'm running!).   i'm getting better.  one day i thought i was mastering the art and i spit...landing dead on my sneaker.  my brand-new, first-day-worn sneaker.  gross. 

back on the trail, all the chatting carries us through the many miles.   sometimes we even start to "hallucinate"... jen said this as i pointed out a lion in an old, huge, stately stump.  and it seemed to morph into a bunny as we got closer.   maybe there really is a unicorn amongst the trees and streams. 

my running mates put in their wonderful 10 miles and i continued on to cram for the marathon and finished at a little more than 13 miles.  it was a quiet day on the trail so no one saw the unicorn carrying me that last mile.  then i dragged myself to the car. 

love this wall, so i snapped it.  i saw it through the window on a hike in the garden at montgomery place, ny.

much thanks to aunt jan for these incredibly delicious pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip muffins that she sent home for us from rockland bakery.  they have enabled me to appropriately carb-load four weeks in advance of the big track meet through all the boroughs of new york city.

36 days.

26.2 miles.

whatever it takes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

that line at the end

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. 
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

the view from the ferry, nyc

there's also some measure of anxiety in it. 

and uncertainty about doing it.

there is a lot of fear when you are immersed in it.
there is a lot of passion when you are working toward it.
there is a lot of hard work getting to it.

and when you lose your footing and try to keep going on, there are certain people who keep you alive in it.   
my wonderful man, my patient and supportive family and friends, my amazing running mates and incredible coach, joan.

there are also those things that find their way into your world. 
i just finished reading brooklyn to mars, issue two ( which came by way of letter carrier. 

the beauty of old fashioned mail
i was reminded how to "take it to the river."  
the doubt.
the uncertainty.
the horseshit.

illuminating the magic.  and the will.  
the strength and the desire.  to get me to it.
that line at the end.  nyc 26.2.
in 39 days. 

from the internet, credit to this guy and his great sign.

Friday, September 21, 2012

finding happy

life is uncertain.  eat dessert first.  
 ~Ernestine Ulmer

my sportband
after the nike sportband debacle yesterday, i am still waiting for the nike people to adjust my run.  kerry and i ran 10 miles and my nike sportband told me we went 7.70.  the mile markers on the trail and kerry's garmin backed up our distance.  so, i called customer support yesterday afternoon and they patiently led me through the process of troubleshooting my aging device.  after giving my nike sensor " cpr" two times, and trying to reboot my sportband, we had to get drastic and restore the whole thing to factory settings. 
coconut water
expecting a full recovery, i had to re-calibrate the whole kit and kaboodle for my stride.  this morning i went to the track and met up with my friend, nicole.   i ran my mile as i passed my daughter's classmates during their gym period on the field which is adjacent to the track.  needless to say she was horrified that i said hello to them with my hang loose hand as i ran.  however, they did cheer me on.

so one mile logged at the track and after calibration i logged four miles.  pretty good day after the ten yesterday.  so glad it's friday.  rest day tomorrow.  i came home and had me some of my new after-running drink, but only if its chocolate.

                                        then some breakfast, or brunch, at this point.

a little while later, i met up with nicole with the intention to get something to eat.  we couldn't decide, so she suggested dairy queen, and we brought along my horrified child (too bad, so sad).  and she took a nice picture of us... with happy, re-calibrated smiles.   

me and nicole

Thursday, September 20, 2012

pretty good stuff

A place to go - that's what my mother always instilled in me. 
You need a place to go. 
And you're worthless unless you have a place to go.
~larry david

it's all good.  a good weekend of resting and hiking and weather that was beyond good.   
frick & frack on the trail
came back from the woods on tuesday in another one of those storms of the century and went to the gym.  booted up the treadmill, and because we were all of a sudden in kansas, dorothy, the gym went dark.  but it was all good, about ten minutes later i was on my hamster way.  five good miles. 

on this glorious morning, i met my friend, kerry, at the park and we ran ten good miles.  what wasn't good was my nike sportband decided to go awry (hello factory reset) and some crazy bike riding dude (sans the little dog and basket) who almost ran kerry over because he wasn't paying attention.   it was a great run, nonetheless.

it was a little chilly so i ran with these cool sleeves i picked up at the nyc half in march.

good to roll down as needed

i am still trying to figure out how to drink while running (water, that is).   i was gifted this awesome bottle that is easy to use but i still made a mess of myself.

and of course, as your grandma told you, epsom salt is the the way to go to soothe sore muscles, among other things.  and the good thing is all you need is 15 minutes.  and the epsom salt council even has their own facebook page.  epsom salt really is pretty, pretty good.

and finally, i am reading (mostly by way of osmosis) this book i got a while back.  at this point, any little tidbit is helpful on my journey. 

keeps the counter warm and full of good chi

it's all good.  pretty, pretty, pretty.....pretty good.   

and to make it even better......  i have a place to go.   

the finish line is waiting.  44 days.  NYC.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

run over by the wagon

tomorrow is a new day.
you shall begin it well and serenely and 
with too high a spirit to be
cumbered with your old nonsense.
~ralph waldo emerson

yesterday was a beautiful september day.  it was a rest day from running but a full throttle day for eating.  the picture was my breakfast, a good start.  

for lunch i had smashburger, add haystack onions on top.  but there was lettuce and tomato somewhere in there too.  i ate my burger of smash like i just got out of prison.

we had to go for back to school night and of course had four minutes to eat dinner, so i inhaled four dante's (best deli in our area) raviolis and went on my merry way.  but it was only four pasta pockets o' cheese.

of course, after this mindless food consumption, i came home and was hungry.  

screw the happy, healthy choices.  i made a quick ham and american sandwich.  but.....i did use the 100 calorie whole wheat sandwich round (lathered in mayo...mmmmmmmmmmmm).  and what better to wash it down than with some red wine.   balanced.

then, for good measure i had three chips ahoy and a glass of milk.  at that point, i figured why not.  it was damn good.   and it was only three.

so 85,000 un-organic, gnarly calories for the day, but i found this binging almost ridiculously humorous.  therefore i write of it.  so when you fall off the good eating wagon and get run over, you too can get up and start a new day with a high spirit.

and maybe even have the opportunity to begin it well and run eight miles with some friends on a terrific trail on a beautiful new september day.

me, jen, & kerry

here is some info about those little blueberries......
Blueberries improve memory and learning, and delay age-related cognitive decline as is seen with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, not to mention, they're delicious.
Blueberries are a super food for your brain. They're high in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants called flavonoids (also called polyphenols). In your brain, flavonoids interact with proteins and enzymes in ways that keep your brain younger. Scientists don't know exactly how all of those elements interact together, but blueberry flavonoids do seem to keep you smarter. People who eat a high-flavonoid diet stay sharper than folks with low-flavonoid diets.
      and of course, the banana...

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    september 11, 2012

     "No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away. They remain with us forever, like a touchstone."
    —  Haruki Murakami

    a hero, he will always be....

    december 2011, jessica

    i dug out my yearbook..1990

    we miss you, chris...  

    Monday, September 10, 2012

    a swift kick

     the reason most people give up is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, 
    instead of how far they have come.

    some days you just need a swift kick in the ass. this morning i was at the computer sending emails, etc and mainly procrastinating about running.   i had just sent my lifelong friend, jen (whom i have nicknamed jen the runner) an email telling her how discouraged i've become about running and falling so far behind in my marathon training since losing the whole month of august to bad-ass bronchitis.  then bad-ass jen swiftly responded to me....

    Well get off the f'ing computer and go get a few miles! You're running
    NYC - I know you had the plague, and a tough summer -- it's gonna not
    be easy but when you cross the finish line of the NYC MARATHON you're
    gonna feel like King of the World! So go. Go now. And remember to have fun.

    fresh kicks
    with that, i laced up my new kicks and went on my merry way.  today's weather was perfect and the sky was amazing.  i went slower but i felt good.  better than i have since the on-set of the plague.   

    so thanks, jen.  

    jen the runner is also jen the producer.  she is producing a documentary called 
    from fat to finish line...
    The inspiring story of 12 strangers who've lost an average of 100 pounds and who'll now embark on the grueling 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race.
    jen the producer is also jen the blogger...
    Today, I run because it is a miracle that I started at all.  A gift from the universe.  I have found confidence, strength, perseverance, pride and other adjectives that I struggle to find words for. I was an overweight victim who felt like everything was impossible and out of reach. Now I’m in-shape and content.  Running saved my life.
    here is more of jen's inspiring blog...

    jen the producer is also jen the ass kicker.   and some days, you just need a good ass kicker.

    jen the runner, nic the painter, and me, circa 2011

    Friday, September 7, 2012

    brighter than the sun

    labor day sky

    I am a firm believer in small steps.  One day at a time we get a tiny bit better at what we practice.  It may be undetectable to bystanders.  But it’s a known truth that repetition creates warriors.
    ~markus almond

    i ran five miles this morning.  the last 4.9 were the toughest.  they pretty much sucked.  and i sucked a lot of wind.

    since the august bronchial plague, it hasn't been all that easy to get back to where i was.  in terms of miles.  and endurance.  and strength.  then, throw in labor day and time abroad, add in a few more missed days, and what you come up with is some major nyc marathon anxiety.

    not to mention some ribs that were thrown out of place during the labor day wiffle ball tournament.  if a horse, i would have been glue by now.  (i have to google to glue).

    on the pitcher's mound

    i shall continue to take small steps.  one day at a time.  practice may turn me into an warrior.  

    26.2 miles is really only 4.36 miles.  6 times.  it can be done.

    8 weeks from sunday.  new york cittay.

    and i hope some of the sun's brightness and spunk finds it's way into my sneaks and into my running soul.

    check out the blog Brooklyn to Mars...  the wonderful quote at the top popped up in my email this morning.....