Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ride the blue pig

i have no desire to prove anything by dancing....
i just dance.
~fred astaire

we dance the dance, run the run, and sometimes ride the blue pig....lots of things going on around here lately. 
the household barbies are making the most of their long winter days...

and the wine's been flowing to keep the body warm...
 and some beer too...

on sunday i ran my first virtual half marathon through nike +.  it was arctic cold outside so my fellow runners advised me to run on the happy treadmill inside the warm gym.  they assured me that 13.1 miles is 13.1 miles whether it's run inside, outside, or upside down.

i finished, even though at mile 12 my red emergency-stop-the-wheel-right-NOW-cord got tangled in my energy gel (my fellow runners reminded me i must hydrate and refuel during the run unlike the first time i did 13 miles without water or fuel) and i inadvertently pulled the plug and almost tripped over myself.  
my finishing time improved from the other runs where i've gone 13.1 or more, with a time of 2:06:55. 
and the icing on the cake was that i reached 1,000 miles since i began using my nike+ sportband.  nike sent me a message... 
1,000 miles? Our hats off to you. Our shoes, too. Congratulations on this huge achievement.
and my lifelong friend, jen the runner, gave me a medal for finishing my half marathon...

because, "Everyone deserves a medal at the end of their race!"  thanks jen!!

some people loathe the month of january.... i don't.   
i think it gives us a chance to TRY to catch up to the speed of life.  build anew.  and maybe even do a little dance. 
just to dance.


  1. Congrats on your offical first half, though you've been quietly doing and not seeking praise or attention..nthis time you deserve it!

  2. Conrats, Nik - I'm so proud of you!

    It's remarkable that you chose a virtual as your first 1/2 experience. Part of what helps keep me going is the crowd, hydration stops, the thrill of seeing a finish line. What you chose to do takes so much more discipline, commitment and motivation!! It's such an accomplishment.

    Loved this post by the way.


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