Tuesday, November 22, 2011

holy hock, i won!!

"your wings already exist...all you have to do is fly..."

first, some exciting news.....yesterday i won a signed david nail cd from a radio station that i listen to on the satellite radio in my car.  yee haw!  they sent me an email ....

WSIX is in nashville. http://www.wsix.com/main.html  hmmmm...thanksgiving road trip... reality check...  i called them, i'm hoping to find good times in the mailbox soon.

next, some spelling fun ...the other day matty was playing a game and he needed some help spelling the word "hock," pronunciation as per matty.  i said what is that?  like ham hock?  how the hock would a 6 year old know what a ham hock is?  as the intelligent parents we are, we realized (quickly.....eventually) that he meant the word "hawk"...and he was like, "yeah, hock."  

and lastly, an unexpected visitor....so yesterday morn while i was choring, my super duper peripheral vision spotted something swoop passed the bedroom window.  i declared, "holy sheet!"  holy premonition, mattman.  there stood the mother of predators a few feet away in the tree, hanging out on a leafless, moldy branch....WAITING....  check out how the hawk's expression changes.

   i took a few pictures and then i knocked on the window so it would pose for me.

then it must have spotted something. 
and just like that, it decided to fly.

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