Thursday, October 13, 2011

over the river and through the wind

happy autumn!  check out jess's heavy duty fall hiking boots hiding in the background....

tis the season for ants in the pants.  perhaps a drive to pick some apples, pumpkins, noses, and fresh donuts and cider.  we picked out some warm clothes and embarked on our journey to the walkway over the hudson (the world's tallest pedestrian bridge!  who knew?)
at the starting line....jeff was holding the camera because, of course, i had to check out the outhouse

vying for position to be the one to read the info signs, for some

moving right along...the wind cometh

quite the threatening sky, thank goodness there was just some random drops

making progress across the hudson, good times in the blustery wind

more good times in the wind tunnel

shann snapped this one

probably a neat place for a run on the water

"bridge" pose
the little boy wanted to test out the button, um, not a good idea

northern view
the never-ending train

southern view & the mid-hudson bridge

my favorite picture, jess would beg to differ

almost at the finish line, getting tired and hungry and of course i am only thinking of embarking on a journey to the lavatory...note to self, save the vat of coffee for after a two and a half mile walk
check out the flag painted in the street

the old train signal

there's the bridge from the ground

there's the little boy on the ground

the clouds decided to start making way for the beautiful blue underneath
ahhh, lunch
mr. football was the smart one to don a hat...  we girls had heads of wind-twisted, crazy autumny hair

as reported in the june 2011 issue of real simple mag
 tis the season for a little exploring and lots of walking with the happy little ants.   


  1. Loved the opening quote :)
    The pictures and captions are awesome and hilarious...Mrs. Nussman would be so proud that you brought a little of her into this

  2. i wrote that caption for you patti....i knew you would get it, and i actually thought of you when i embarked on my journey....twice. love to you. xo

  3. LMAO!!! you even made the gloominess of this day fade to you, my deer XOXOXO
    p.s. thanks for thinking of me---LOL


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