Tuesday, October 4, 2011

embellishment for the palate

julia child i'm not.  but i can conjure up some tasty dishes.  over the weekend at our tiny place in the woods i put together german-style spaghetti and clams.  this only meaning that since it's oktoberfest time i drank a nice seasonal german beer while making dinner.  (and if not, i suppose i would have had to taste the wine for the making to make sure it was splendidly ready for others to drink.)
the bat phone is peeking in...
we took a drive to this most amazing food store (adams fairacre farms) where they have spectacularly fresh food, including locally baked bread, seafood, and items you just don't find in your ordinary suburban food store (like spaetzles and imported sauerkraut, we got that stuff for next time).    we picked up a few dozen little neck clams and then got crazy with ourselves and rather than spaghetti we found some hearty bucatini.  
now, although i am an embellishing chef who changes recipes at will, i will try to do justice to the details of this recipe....
bucatini & clams

~2 dozen clams, let them soak for a while in the clean sink filled with water and lotsa salt or cornmeal to get the sand out
~heat up some extra virgin olive oil (erl as my grandfather called it) in a big saucepan
~add 2 cloves or cubes of chopped gahlic, i use the frozen kind just bc it's snappier
~add 2 little cubes of the frozen basil
~some salt and pepper
~when it starts cookin up, add in some chicken broth, like half a carton or a little more depending on how many clams you have coming to the pond  (i use this bc the foodies who are going to eat this like lotsa sauce)

~open up some nice white wine if it isn't already open and in your glass...  take a whiff of those pretty white grapes and pour some into the pan (but don't tell your man that you are cooking with the good wine, don't ya know you should be using that cheap wine he bought in the 4 pack that you forgot to pack up?)

meanwhile,  the water should be heatin up in the pasta pot that you graced with some salt....

rinse up those little clams and start putting them in that fragrant little pond and cover it up so the steam helps the clams to surrender.

cook up the pasta and when the clams are just about ready, add the secret ingredient...
a little bitta buttah....buttah always makes it bettah.
bring it all together in a nice big bowl and voila....  pour yourself some of that white wine and i bet you will eat so much that you will ask yourself, "why did i eat so much?"
toasty bread to be eaten next to the toasty fire

hello clams
dig in...

exquisite outdoor dining

camping, clams, & carnage

we ate way too much (surprise) and cleaned up...we digested by the fire for a long while and then guess what???  it started to....that's right......RAIN... mother nature has been sharing drips, drops, and all out downpours for so long now...let's hope the animals don't start pairing up.
ms. julia child was onto somethin'


  1. damn i am hungry now. beautiful pictures of the carnage nik

  2. I like the last quote.

    I cock with food? That's sick.

  3. My deer...you are the perfect friend. You provide recipes, laughter, and pictures. You describe everything so perfectly that those of us who arent there at the moment, feel like we are.. There is only one YOU, and every morning, I look forward to the hilarious thing your going to say to me :)


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