Tuesday, September 27, 2011

there are no accidents...

september...defn.- major transition, new beginnings, hot weather, cold weather.....football games, soccer games, hunting, and everyone needing more sleep and rest. 

my little ferris beuller sang to us in the dead of sunday night through the symphony of his coughs.  the result, he slept til 9:30 on monday and skipped some school. he obliged to a trip to the doctor for good measure but really just to get to wendy's for a happy lunch alone with his mom (the same mom since school began that he steadfastly declares every day that he is missing).  he wonders why he must spend the WHOLE day at school and begs me to pick him up early.  
that little boy puts the happy in the happy meal
that said, he was full of joy yesterday.  a good morning rest watching some quality tom and jerry, then a diagnosis of a cold and some post nasal drip at the dr, a happy happy joy meal at wendy's, afternoon wii time, several snacks, and then dinner with shann & me at our cute irish joint before going to pick up jess from the football game.  pretty pretty good day (thank you larry david) thus far....  
the hunter & jess at the field
we finished it with a trip to good ol' dairy queen, a bath to wash off all that humidity, and bed for some much needed sleep.

woke up and realized matt's itouch was in absentia.  looked everywhere....then the hunt officially began.  back at the field from last night.  my friend, nicole, met me because four eyes are better than two.  
huntin and runnin
she had her hunting boots on.  
as they said in spaceballs, the movie, "we ain't found shit."  so we went on our way to do our running. 
we walked and talked looking for the official starting line.  we passed the spot where the new rispoli's is going to be and started chattin with the guys who want to include a gluten free aspect to the legendary pastry shop that will be opening at some point in the town's future. 
with the sun approaching a direct hit and the humidity peaking, we got our laces in gear.  as i ran past my car on the route back over the river and through the woods, i realized in my morning hunting mission that i parked too close to the fire hydrant.  i paused my nike sportband and my run, sweatily jumped in my car with my key still tied to my shorts (don't try that at home), moved it, jumped out, and restarted my trot...while two very curious ladies watched (wonder what they were thinkin)...
ran to and fro, and as i made my way back from rounding the supermarket, i found myself running alongside a lovely man in his motorized scooter (with bags hanging on handlebars).  
i reunited with my car, came home, and found something waiting on the porch, but not the itouch....  i snapped a shot of charlotte and her ridiculously meticulous web....then i continued the hunt for the i touch.  we called for some help from some town friends and dialed up dairy queen.  
the nice lady who answered the phone replied, "i'm sorry there is nothing here, but i guess he will learn his lesson to be more careful with his stuff."  an expensive lesson.  
by golly, miss molly, a few hours later and for some unbeknownst reason, i opened that drawer, and it was there....  right there waiting for me all along.  but without it missing, my day wouldn't have been as perfectly put together as it was, resplendent with so much laughing that my stomach muscles hurt more than my legs.


  1. nic, it's from all that huntin'...and THANK YOU ell!!

  2. I love the first quote...gonna use it.

  3. I lovvve this Nik... made my day! You ARE so talented! I'm glad Mattie's doing okay. : )

  4. YAY!!!! Love a happy ending!!!

  5. All is well that ends well… nice job Nik the writer.


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