Monday, May 16, 2011

for these times.....

to properly prepare for the big race (2011 run the palisades, race for diabetes) yesterday, jeff and i properly hydrated on saturday eve with a few beers (carbs) and 65 pounds of properly prepared barilla protein plus pasta (our favorite kind of pasta and more carbs)  with a nice light homemade red sauce with crab meat.  then, of course i had to properly celebrate (and calm my nerves) with some modern family and a few chips ahoy just in case my carb intake wasn't properly up to par.
we slumbered earlier than usual for a saturday and it rained cats and dogs throughout the night and i had a few dreams where i was trying desperately to get to the race but kept hitting roadblocks.  we were woken up by more rain along with the alarm, actually it was teaming, then some thunder and lightning....  
"we been through every kind of rain there is. little bitty stingin' rain... and big ol' fat rain. rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. shoot, it even rained at night..."  forrest gump 

i have a very close friend who has a very close connection to the weatherman behind those pearly gates up in those not so close clouds so i asked her to put in a good word for us and our fellow runners.
yesterday's calendar
we all ran a great race.   with very little rain.   with lots of cheerleaders and bounds of fun.  i was proud to run my fastest 5k yet (27.41 yay!!!) and managed not to dry heave until i got one of my feet over the finish line.  then i waved off the water they were giving out and heaved a little more.  a little dry heaving never killed anyone or anyone standing close by.   i went back and apologized to the water-giving girl for traumatizing her with my heaving shenanigans and then chugged me some water.
the diabetes foundation had a wonderful health fair, food, face painting, and a live band.  we even got an award for having the fastest team time, and i received a beautiful plaque for raising the most money for the diabetes foundation. 

 i am so proud.  i am proud of my time, my friends who showed up and ran their hearts out and cheered us on, and my amazing family, all of  who have completely supported me all these months.  
my dad, who has given up his time so i could run while he watched matty and who keeps his spirit high in the face of being dealt a card of adversity.  it's not always easy but yesterday, as i looked around and took it all in, we have each other, and thank god for that.  for our amazing friends and amazing family.  
We made a difference!!  and i am so completely grateful.. please take the time to watch this amazing video with such an inspiring go-to song for this race....just because...and then a whole bunch of pictures from the race....

for these times....what 's your wish?

matty  & pa at kessler, then

our numbers...shannon, jeff, and me

kathy (our photographer), shann & our cheerleaders, and erin's awesome sign

our team...before

there i am starting, in the center, to the right of joey (in black) and to the left of the guy with the red shirt....jeff is trotting in front of us with the white shirt...thanks nic for running me down to take the candid picture!!

jeff, first to finish!

jessica and joey




ann marie in red

me & nicole (photographer, cheerleader, and 5k-er to be)

our team, after

me & jeff

the little face paintees
shann & gram
getting our awards!!
matty & pa, now


  1. i am so glad that i came to watch you race..and i am glad i got to watch you start without you seeing me...even if i made a giant ass of my self running up the road to get a picture..

  2. great day, great cause, great friends

  3. Awesome Nik -- I love it! Great day - congrats on everything you accomplished that day (including that speedy race time!)

  4. Wow, congrats to all! Great time Nik, so impressed, awesome!!

  5. thank you everyone, it was a stellar day!!!xoxoxo


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