Sunday, May 22, 2011

everything is alright

after a busy few days....or weeks, maybe decades, i was sitting with mia on the deck yesterday.  a stolen moment in between in spring storms and games and whatever else.....we were enjoying some zac brown band and she subtly suggested a beer to celebrate happy hour.  but then a big yawn and a hop over to my side, she was in doggie dreamland....."life is good today"......thanks zac....

that lasted for about 10 minutes.....but it was a damn good 10 minutes...  quality.

good times before more rain

yesterday was a wonderful weather so much, but we went ventured out and went about our sunday.  softball, hoping for sun, this and that, and some cutting of trees, wondering what the hell happened to my shoes last night, etcetera...  

jess collected a billion caterpillar eggs that were coming off the branches i was sheering.... (crap, i hope that thing she collected them in is not inside the house...) i was calling her bindy, the jungle girl...she is the dog whisperer, the snake charmer.....  she was holding a snail yesterday.... ew.  
on friday i ran with my artfully amazing friend, nicole, on some good roads.....  she is a running rock star and a talented artist for hire....  after we ran a trillion miles, she drove me home because i was a weary traveller and my legs were jelly and the loco local landscapers were out in full force spewing their noxious fumes and the air was like the scooby doo episode when he cuts a hole in the pea soup fog from his boat.... anyhow, we got out of her mystery machine and trotted in with little matty, the happy puppy, and nicole noticed there was a heart of sweat on me back....  uncanny.....  she took this awesome soulful snapshot... 

  as i chored around the cottage i came across a cute little picture matty had made...i put it on the fridge....
"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
Roald Dahl
beautiful flowers from my man
my wonderful friend ricky shared this with me and now i share it with you...
"I hope the day will be a lighter highway, for friends are found on every road. Can you ever think of any better way for the lost and weary traveller to go? Making friends for the world to see. Let the people know that you got what you need. With a friend at hand you will see the light. If your friends are there then everything is alright."

"Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what."

Monday, May 16, 2011

for these times.....

to properly prepare for the big race (2011 run the palisades, race for diabetes) yesterday, jeff and i properly hydrated on saturday eve with a few beers (carbs) and 65 pounds of properly prepared barilla protein plus pasta (our favorite kind of pasta and more carbs)  with a nice light homemade red sauce with crab meat.  then, of course i had to properly celebrate (and calm my nerves) with some modern family and a few chips ahoy just in case my carb intake wasn't properly up to par.
we slumbered earlier than usual for a saturday and it rained cats and dogs throughout the night and i had a few dreams where i was trying desperately to get to the race but kept hitting roadblocks.  we were woken up by more rain along with the alarm, actually it was teaming, then some thunder and lightning....  
"we been through every kind of rain there is. little bitty stingin' rain... and big ol' fat rain. rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. shoot, it even rained at night..."  forrest gump 

i have a very close friend who has a very close connection to the weatherman behind those pearly gates up in those not so close clouds so i asked her to put in a good word for us and our fellow runners.
yesterday's calendar
we all ran a great race.   with very little rain.   with lots of cheerleaders and bounds of fun.  i was proud to run my fastest 5k yet (27.41 yay!!!) and managed not to dry heave until i got one of my feet over the finish line.  then i waved off the water they were giving out and heaved a little more.  a little dry heaving never killed anyone or anyone standing close by.   i went back and apologized to the water-giving girl for traumatizing her with my heaving shenanigans and then chugged me some water.
the diabetes foundation had a wonderful health fair, food, face painting, and a live band.  we even got an award for having the fastest team time, and i received a beautiful plaque for raising the most money for the diabetes foundation. 

 i am so proud.  i am proud of my time, my friends who showed up and ran their hearts out and cheered us on, and my amazing family, all of  who have completely supported me all these months.  
my dad, who has given up his time so i could run while he watched matty and who keeps his spirit high in the face of being dealt a card of adversity.  it's not always easy but yesterday, as i looked around and took it all in, we have each other, and thank god for that.  for our amazing friends and amazing family.  
We made a difference!!  and i am so completely grateful.. please take the time to watch this amazing video with such an inspiring go-to song for this race....just because...and then a whole bunch of pictures from the race....

for these times....what 's your wish?

matty  & pa at kessler, then

our numbers...shannon, jeff, and me

kathy (our photographer), shann & our cheerleaders, and erin's awesome sign

our team...before

there i am starting, in the center, to the right of joey (in black) and to the left of the guy with the red shirt....jeff is trotting in front of us with the white shirt...thanks nic for running me down to take the candid picture!!

jeff, first to finish!

jessica and joey




ann marie in red

me & nicole (photographer, cheerleader, and 5k-er to be)

our team, after

me & jeff

the little face paintees
shann & gram
getting our awards!!
matty & pa, now

Friday, May 6, 2011

"whatcha doin' with your feet?"

Even if it’s a little thing, 
do something for those who need help, 
something for which you get no pay 
but the privilege of doing it.  
Albert Schweitzer

we woke up to a beautiful morning yesterday, but with the chill and the wind, it felt more like an autumn morning so i decided to run on the treadmill at the gym.  the pollen and all it's related nonsense was literally falling like snow....
spring in our yard
my friend krissy was running like a champ on the treadmill next to me, she already had 2 miles behind her when i started.  anyhow, i ran like i was running into the wind with a backward sail.  it was a long four miles for me, while krissy ran five miles with smoke in her shoes.  some days it's easy to trot and some days it's brutal.  there's good and bad and ups and downs in running, just like most other things.  but for the most part, i have found a peaceful place in my running.  and it has brought me to participate in "run the palisades" a race that i've been running the past two years, and this year we even formed a team. join us!

i am so proud to say that my teammates and i have raised almost $3000 for diabetes and there aren't enough thank you's and appreciation for everyone who has donated to this cause and supported our 5K run.  one of our community papers, the pascack press, ran an article this past sunday about the run and my dad.
so many people have selflessly donated and sent me messages about the run.   i received a check in the mail when i came back from running yesterday and with it a note from an old, dear friend who wrote within her beautiful message, "small steps are beginnings of enormous journeys."  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!  i appreciate all your words, your support, and your amazing donations.
calendar wisdom
today i was all set to ride to the gym and run on the treadmill because my allergies have been terrible.  as soon as we stepped outside, matty and i both decided that it was a perfect day to run with the sun.  and that it was.  i started down my street and trotted by my neighbor who cheered me on (thanks beth!), and her words stuck in my head for the rest of the run, especially when i was going up the itsy bitsy hill on my new route which seemed like a mountain.   today was a great running day, a far cry from yesterday.  what a difference a day makes.  i had happy feet and took my four miles and made it almost four and half, but i had to stop to get my little penguin.  
and that little penguin had his own little happy feet today when we got back and rocked out to some vintage tunes.....

busy feet are happy feet....