Saturday, April 9, 2011

it's all good

jess's daffodils
it's been a crazy week...  one of those weeks when you feel like the hours slip away way too fast.  you wake up and you blink a few times and before you know it, it's ovah.   i ran four out of five days this week and i even was able to run outside today (it was chilly but liberating and fun with my friend who is falling in love with the whole running thing).  the run outside is a completely different experience than the treadmill, and it was just wonderful today.  i had good today.
jess got off the bus today and told me she needed scissors and went outside and cut the daffodils on the hill adjacent to our house.  and then cut some purple vinca which she arranged with the forsythia she also cut.  the vase is in her room.  more good for the day.

jess's forsythia and vinca

yesterday morn at the gym i made friends with the nice older man on the treadmill next to me who was having a coffee klatch, sans the coffee but add the treadmill, with his two friends.  they walked and talked and held on and regularly checked their heart rates and talked and talked.  so i ran...and i ran...  like the flock of seagulls.   and then my new friend asked me if i ever checked my heart rate.  i lowered my music and after saying "no," he waited for me as i held on.  he shared my number with his boys and told me i must have strong heart muscles.  and then, as he departed he simply said, "just do it."  i had good yesterday.

catching flying food
happy birthday....aka communion
on wednesday night, the kids and i took gram to kiku to celebrate jessica's communion.  matty and shann tried to catch some flying broccoli and zucchini during the hibachi spectacular.  and the one lady who worked there was so earnestly hoping that someone at our table was having a birthday, we told her that jess was making her communion this weekend, so they sang happy birthday to her.  we had good on wednesday.
on tuesday, it rained, it snowed, and then shannon lost her last baby tooth!  we also received a huge donation for our run for diabetes. we had good on tuesday.
monday was monday, but it was also pa's birthday, so we had good on monday.

and these beautiful flower cookies were brought to us today by our wonderful friend, denise, who made them for jessica's communion.  

sometimes crazy is crazy, but sometimes crazy is good.  in a good way.  


  1. You are so right... Time flies by and we should all stop and "breathe" for a moment! But when you are not as busy as we are with our families and all the activities...we are not making memories!! You are a lucky to be making so many memories!!

  2. I made my first communion twice.

  3. Very nice post, Nik -- Gotta love picking daffodils, old guys at the gym and baskets of flower shaped cookies! xo

  4. thanks chris and jen! steve, we will pray for you....

  5. I walked too fast for the photographer so I had to receive it twice....ironically I was baptized twice too (which is very rare). I guess I'm doubly-blessed.

  6. you do have a brightness over your head..

  7. Nik you are a ray of sunshine:-)


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