Thursday, March 10, 2011

sheenly winning

yesterday morning i went to my acupuncture "master" to improve the status of an old, yet sporadically annoying injury of my ankle.  the master is a healing magician, and he even put a heat lamp above my foot as it sat there with the little needles sticking out.  this sunshine filled magician listens to everything you have to report about your ailments as he assures you by continually, and swiftly, saying, "i see, i see, i see."  and then he changes it up a bit by continually, and  sneeze-like saying "ok, ok, ok".   he is a thrice answer-er.  but no dilly-o.  he is the master healer. 

i laid there in zen position with a few needles in my feet, ankles, hands, some thrown in my head for good measure to realign positive energy, and the one aside my nose on the right and the one aside my right ear to remedy my slight asymmetrical congestion.  it's amazing what you hear when you stop all movement.  the guy in the office upstairs answering his phone and the lady getting her some happy acupuncture in the next room discussing persistent bursitis and her friend's plantar fasciitis filled my head for a few minutes.  then zen.  

did it help, you ask?  why yes, it did....  i ran me some 3 magical miles today at a pace i am more than happy with.  some good music helps you to move that much faster as well.  but it has to be your music.  the stuff that gets you, and only you, goin'. 

does it hurt, you ask?  well, what could really hurt after childbirth three times??...come on now.  but no, it doesn't hurt.  falling down the stairs hurts, a broken heart hurts, and even a paper cut hurts., it doesn't hurt.  it helps. 

maybe charlie sheen should get some acupuncture to realign his sanity.  but then again, why would he?  he is the king right now.  he is providing non-stop entertainment to many who secretly envy his harem, or his wealth, and/or his new cooking show; not to mention his candor and his ability to completely delete any care of what anyone thinks of him.  that charlie sheen is a winner.  we are all winners, in our own right.  some of us want to simply run and beat our personal records in our last race and that charlie sheen, he wants to rule the world.  here he is on twitter...with his own tweet...
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Born Small... Now Huge... Winning... Bring it..! (unemployed winner...)

that boy with self proclaimed tiger blood has lots of time on his hands.  click on  "charlie's winning recipes" below (thanks mike k.!)  he's like the grandmother in sixteen candles cooking with a marlboro hanging from his lips...
watch it...he must have some good cleaning people in that mansion of his...and according to ayn rand, perhaps mr charlie sheen, reigning king of social media, has more than won the world he desires....


  1. Like the beginning quote.

  2. Love the Pinhead pic too. Nice touch.

  3. Love the Ayn Rand quote...big fan of her books!

  4. Great quote and post. Will have to give that acupuncture a shot sometime!

  5. As always, a stellar post...

    Thanks for the shout out too...Loved the Pinhead pic. I have to give acupuncture a try, but I do not know what I am trying to cure : )


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