Thursday, March 31, 2011

the return of superman

there are times when life is a warm breeze on a new spring day.  and there are times when life just punches you in the face.  in the middle of the night.  when you are in a deep sleep.  basking in the splendor of a wonderful weekend with amazing friends, spring practices and championships games with your kids, sunday dinner with the whole family.  and then you find yourself literally falling down the stairs in your house to call 911 because you think that the life you know is over.  
i somehow awoke from my deep sleep to see jeff standing in the doorway of our room after returning from a drink of water in the kitchen and he was telling me he didn't feel right.  then in the blink of an eye he was on the floor.   in that split second you find hell and then you run.   after missing that last step to get to the phone, i realize that i don't remember dialing, i told jeff that god must have dialed for me.  the wonderful police officer who was the first to arrive at my door asked if i hung up on the operator and i had no answer because i couldn't remember.  
i remained on auto pilot until i got in my car to drive to the hospital while jeff was en route via ambulance.  i realized by the time i got to the end of the street that i was shaking, it was cold and at the same time my mind was trying to make sense of the punch in the face. 

jeff was all checked out, all tests were normal, and blood work was good.  so after three hours inside the emergency room we walked out together with relief.  and plenty of entertainment.  
 the woman across the hall was trying desperately to convince every single person that walked into her room that every single part of her body hurt and that she needed percocet.  she left without it, much to her chagrin.  there was some cursing and a repeated, "you people don't care....."  the guy next to us shouted some good and loud one liners, "this hospital sucks!!," "my ass hurts," and then let out some academy award winning moans and yelps just because he wanted water and he couldn't have it (yet).  the nurse and i spoke of her blog worthy stories, all of which she may simply turn into a book someday.  a bestseller no doubt.

i debated whether to blog this episode, but my blog mentor and childhood friend, jen the runner, said i should.  and here are her words,
"that's part of your life and you would consider that a part of your journey... I would imagine there would be a lot of inspiration that comes out of a moment like that. A reminder of what's important to us, how fragile our lives are and how scary moments can reshape our attitudes... And the relief of it all working out at the end... and all that jazz."  she said it best...
i contacted the police officer who arrived here first and thanked him for all his concern and his ability to keep things calm.  even when there were what seemed like a bonanza of emergency vehicles with every light possible flashing outside my house at 1 am, and the 45 (or maybe 6) emt's in my living room doing a great job, ready to save the world while talking to each other like we were in central park during a free simon & garfunkel concert, as my kids (well, as meatloaf says, 2 out of 3 ain't bad) lay sleeping and he tried to keep it that way...he also pointed out to me the shirt my mom had on (she drew the short straw to get the call to come hang with the kids).   the non-imbiber with the jagermeister t-shirt.   classically ironic.

all is well.
jeff said he was given kryptonite.  and he titled his run last night, "the return of superman."   much to my chagrin.  the running, that is. 

and this story, the whole reason for the blog of last......go back and reread, "everything got a second chance today"  and be sure to listen to the songs.....


  1. Nik, I am so happy to hear that Jeff is okay. That must've been so scary. Every day is really a blessing. xox Di

  2. I am so relieved to hear he is OK too. Such a scary moment and it really is true that when we can push the bs aside there's so many blessings in our life. xo

  3. Glad he is ok.....and remaining upright. ;)

  4. your blog is so addictive! I just registered. I'm an Italian girl who writes about beauty, pass by me if you like!

  5. thank you, everyone! xo love


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