Thursday, March 17, 2011

over the rainbow

mother nature gave us a beautiful st. patrick's day so i decided to run outside for the first time in i don't know how long.  due to our long, snowy winter, i have become accustomed to the treadmill.  running outside on the road and pavement is a completely different ballgame.

the remnants of winter are still all over the roads and sidewalks, there are lots of branches, rocks, and slippery mud.  i came across some petrified animals lying mid-road, ew.... a nice mailman, and several people who were quite happy to be outside doing their walking (some dressed for a major blizzard).  then i approached some spring clean-up landscapers with their dreaded noise makers that were spewing foul air in my path.  it was towards the end of the run, so i was breathing heavily while trying not to breathe at all.  this happened twice.  oh well, the run went on, i went my 3.12 miles and was quite pleased with my non-treadmill pace, on the roads with some inclines, declines, and gas powered landscaping leaf and mud blowers.

i returned to pa's to scoop up my little leprechaun and continued on to celebrate the day of sun and clover.

jess made this rainbow...

May the blessings of each day 
be the blessings you need most,
May the most you wish for 
be the least you get,
May the Lord keep you in His Hand 
and never close His fist too tight.

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