Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lighting up the sky

i am quite proud to report that i received an email yesterday saying we are the top fundraisers so far for the "run the palisades" to support the diabetes foundation. a HUGE  THANK YOU to everyone who has made a donation and for all your words of encouragement!   we truly appreciate all the generosity and selflessness.

running has become an essential, and quite frankly, therapeutic, part of my life.  i often run at the gym during the winter months because i am too lazy to put on all that gear to run outside when it's cold.  the gym offers plenty of classes and people often ask if i take them but i'd rather be inside my own head for that time.   i listen to my music and some days that may be the same song over and over.   and over and over and over..... 

love this, thank you to whoever drew it!

some days, like yesterday, i get to a little over two miles and feel like i can't go one more step, and then somehow i make it to the three miles i was hoping to run.  and then there are days like today when i am running and i look down to check my status on my little nike sportband (love, love, love that little piece of technological heaven) and it tells me that i've already run more than two miles and it seems like i just started.  those are the incredible days when you feel like you can just keep going and going.  and although i think i could have done a bit more, i went a little over four miles today because in light of my injury in the fall i didn't want to push it.  tomorrow i see my hell-raiser acupuncturist to give me a tune-up.  

running clears my brain of the baloney, helps put the hullabaloo in perspective, gives me that coveted time with self, and time to just simply breathe.  and sometimes breathing pretty darn heavy and sometimes breathing in the vicks of the guy next to me.  i feel blessed that i started running (thank you, vita!).  it has changed my life, and it's something that no one can do for me but me.  and that's some pretty productive pressure.  

i found this wonderful blogworthy blurb at zenhabits.com....


Breathing can transform your life.
If you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.
If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.
If you are discouraged and have forgotten your purpose in life, breathe. It will remind you about how precious life is, and that each breath in this life is a gift you need to appreciate. Make the most of this gift.
If you have too many tasks to do, or are scattered during your workday, breathe. It will help bring you into focus, to concentrate on the most important task you need to be focusing on right now.
If you are spending time with someone you love, breathe. It will allow you to be present with that person, rather than thinking about work or other things you need to do.
If you are exercising, breathe. It will help you enjoy the exercise, and therefore stick with it for longer.
If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.
So breathe. And enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.
Tip: Put the word “Breathe” as a screensaver or desktop pic, or put it up as a note on your wall or fridge or on your desk. Then do it every time you see the word.

to end on a delightful note....  matty wrote a note to his sister today on the marker board:

proudly translated to me as, "jess is a nice sister"....  sometimes a few words can light up the whole sky. 


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