Thursday, March 3, 2011

extreme touristing

day two of touristing...  refreshed, woke up to snow....and a beautiful blue sky.
slight panic in the area with a dusting of snow...2 hour delays for schools...!!!

metro (subway) aficionados

a lovely morn


that's quite a heating bill....


the sign says, "no flash"...  oops, we woke the beast

walk like you mean it

thanks to the nice girl who offered to take our picture!

museum of american history...all the cool stuff

archie bunker's chair

giving a speech

classic..."hey, i know her"

george's stylish attire

berlin wall

smithsonian castle

here's abe....he's got a gig

we found lunch!

remember sunday on wilson street?  jess's drawing at chophouse

on our way to see the declaration of independence, ...

national archives building (no pics allowed inside)

museum of natural history

matty's face....
mike tyson's tiger

free ride


yeah, we saw all that...

3 helicopters, one president

korean war memorial

walking to fdr memorial


walking to the thomas jefferson memorial

thomas jefferson

all in a line, what a view

awesome (even with the construction)

back in arlington...dinner

last day....the zoo!

lots of new cubs...look to the right

archie bunker

where's your mother?


here's to you....


snacks, imperative

someone on the left didn't want to take a picture....

back to fado

post meeting....

on our motley crue says....home sweet home...


  1. Canada is beautiful.

  2. how are we getting Mike Tyson's tiger back to him? think, think, think....

  3. we will figure it out, nic....and yes, steve, canada is quite beautiful...


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