Friday, March 25, 2011

Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?

here's the top ten, which became more than twenty, "classic" movies that jeff and i came up with as we drove to washington d.c.:
in no certain order....
i'm sure you will think of a few more to add....

  1. sixteen candles
  2. valley girl
  3. outsiders
  4. slapshot
  5. fast times at ridgemont high
  6. old school
  7. last american virgin
  8. roadhouse
  9. goodfellas
  10. caddy shack
  11. easy money
  12. the breakfast club
  13. johnny dangerously
  14. used cars
  15. point break
  16. meatballs
  17. vision quest
  18. stripes
  19. a christmas story
  20. animal house
  21. national lampoon's christmas vacation
  22. mr. mom
  23. weird science
  24. ferris bueller's day off
  25. forrest gump  (thanks jen the runner!)
and the bonus.....the hangover (a new classic)

a great time was to be had at our ladies night out fundraiser last night for our town schools, aptly named "a night a the movies."  my friend, lisa m. (all county softball player in our town growing up by the way...), pirated my camera....(well done) here are a few of her pics:

yay, i won!

my dessert was terribly wonderful....

we should had some water, lisa...
the bartender

the valet
cheering me on this morning as i ran my 4 miles, post party


  1. I could add so many to that list, but I will name my 'must' movie for it....Spies Like Us!

    It's a dikfer.

  2. to use your words.....good times!!!

  3. very "good times!" Love the list - great one. a little shocked that Forest Gump didn't make the list! ;)

  4. crap. i forgot to put forrest on the list....


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