Monday, February 21, 2011

walk 55 miles in my shoes...

"ask not what you can do for your country,
ask where the pub is..."
~jeff coyle

it was quite the busy day tourist-ing in washington d.c.  like yesterday, there are only pictures from my phone... 

to the subway....early morn
i am training those girls early

cooperate people

a great tour
too tired to walk...  he needs a moment of reflection

getting ready for the tour

the amazing rotunda

matty's new flag


don't stab your sister

walking the happy walk

proud to wave his flag




irish pub in chinatown

refueled and landing planes on aircraft carrier @ smithsonian air and space

shuttle to metro

subway adventures

on the rebound

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  1. Wow - this was great! I loved the pictures and the captions… Awesome and I feel like I was there! :)


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