Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tales of a recalcitrant blogger covered in some fresh paint

jeff's nice new molding
for the past four days we've been redo-ing the play/toy-storage shack.  mix in valentine's day which has become a cross between halloween and christmas, and a few sidebar calamities, and here i am trying to close pandora's box which has been spewing out of control.  
starting to paint on saturday
monday morn ready for rug

schneider doing his thing
the kids' toy shack has gotten a face-lift all because we needed a new computer.  so the old computer is being moved to the shack, with the old desk, and the shack gets some fresh crown molding and fresh all other molding compliments of our handy resident carpenter, jeff, along with fresh paint (i still have paint in my hair), and freshly just picked up curtains....

making sure everything is copacetic
oh, and the nice, soft brown rug was installed yesterday morning, the same fresh rug that little mia camouflaged herself into upon her entrance on her visit yesterday afternoon.
the toy shack awaiting the desk and curtains

the desk was delivered today and i think the uber-salesman ordered us the wrong size from raymour and flatulence.  if it fails to fit i guess the carpenter will have to take down some walls....i had requests for the before, during, and after pictures....  so here are some as a work in progress, the desk hasn't been moved to the toy shack yet, awaiting schneider to get home so he can assess the new giant desk.

as for now....pandora can put a lid on it...

a union 10, while jess pirated my camera for some candids of mia showing the love...


  1. i feel as if i was there.
    you are chiiii-mazing.

  2. good chi....and i will get my keys, snap them all up to my belt buckle, and be on my way to paint nails....


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