Wednesday, February 9, 2011

stand up and use your voice

"when the walls fall all around you
when your hope has turned to dust
let the sound of love surround you
beat like a heart in each of us."

i used to walk on the treadmill and just walk and walk and walk.   i was afraid to run, i kept picturing myself flying off the back of the treadmill and people looking at me and wondering what in the world i was thinking.  one day out of the blue, i ran...and because i didn't fall off the back i kept running more and more.  then one of my most wonderful friends asked me to do a 5k.  i kept making excuses about why i couldn't do a race, but finally i did that first race in the spring of 2009 and since i didn't die, i did more races and kept running.  

run the palisades may 2010
i am still running and i love running.  i've done a whole bunch of races and even though i've had my time when i couldn't run because of injury or self imposed running sabbatical, i crave that time with self.  i even won a medal* for being 3rd in my age group when jeff and i ran hackensack in the fall of 2009.   i set a personal record that race, the first time i ever ran a 5k in under 30 minutes.  *in the fine print of the medal it reads, "nik, there were only THREE people in your age category for that race..."   still, a medal is a medal....

i hurt my ankle badly this fall and i hadn't run since november.  finally, when my ankle was better and my all or nothing self stepped away from the comfort of morning pajamas, i found that most wonderful feeling again... within the comfort of my running sneakers.   the time to spend time inside my head...and the time find myself and my voice.  i love that feeling when i lose track of how fast (or slow) i'm going or how far i've gone and i am just going.  with that comes empowerment and a sense of contentment with where i am at right at that moment.  and that kind of magic flows through the blood even after the running shoes come off.
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hoboken 5k


  1. Run my friend! Thanks for helping me with my own running journey!

    Run like a mother. ;)

  2. You inspire me to at least try to run more than 2 minutes in a row. I'm not kidding.

  3. I too love loosing myself when I run, even when it is just on the treadmill, it is so nice to just be with self..

  4. are like the Bionic Woman.

  5. Great story! We exercise to keep our sanity!


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