Saturday, February 19, 2011

shake it like a polaroid picture

“Sing, Sing a song, Sing out loud, Sing out strong, Sing of good things, not bad, Sing of happy, not sad, Sing, Sing a song, Make it simple, To last your whole life long, Don't worry that it's not good enough, For anyone else to hear, Sing, Sing a song.”

~joe raposo

mike tyson sings as bad as me... (a clip from a true american movie "classic"....  the hangover). 

sums up the movie...and of course, there's carlos

or perhaps i would even beat the champ... my kids won't even let me sing in the car and they actually pray that i don't sing when we are in church.  but i do sing in the car to drive the kids (and jeff) crazy; i sing when american idol is on because i am (not) the next american idol and i do (not) sing better than the really bad people; i sing along when jess plays piano, "mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb..."  the poor lamb would probably run for the hills, toward a coyote, very quickly; and i sing when i am running on the treadmill at my parents' house (not when i'm at the gym, obviously) because i think no one else can hear me, and quite frankly, by the time people gathered to investigate the neighborhood racket, i may smell just as grand as my singing sounds...  (debatable, and therefore they cancel each other out)...

a beautifully awful picture taken with my phone of the solid gold dancers
so tonight, by popular demand, i brought my awesome singing skills and my award winning ability to do choreographed dancing, aka computer generated aerobics, to the den where we fired up the wii.  together. tonight.   limited engagement.  just dance, just dance 2, and the michael jackson game.  shannon, matty, and me.  surprisingly, i was not the one with the high score, but i knew the words to the "oldies"...  jump, jump, by house of pain;  hey ya, by outkast; and thriller....just to name a few.  the kids were so caught up in the moves, they didn't complain about my singing.  ( i think they felt sorry for me because my score was so low).  jeff and jess stayed far away, watching national geographic channel.  shannon and i checked on their status when we came up for a water break.  and from afar, i think i saw a coyote and a little lamb running amok on the tv.

but in the end it doesn't matter how (wonderfully bad) you sing, or if you can (not) follow simple dance moves on a video matters how you wear your smile...
and if you find yourself with a hangover, dial me up, and i can sing you a soothing song.  but check the bathroom first.


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