Sunday, February 20, 2011

RoAd tRiP

one day....three kids....four states and one district.  i thought i packed what i needed to upload the pics from my REAL camera to share as we live the tourist life....i didn't....  so all i have to offer are the cheesy pics from my phone... however, lots of good scenes so far....
shannon's message to the fish feeder
important rest stop rhyme
delaware bridge
look, this is where we are....but what's up with those people?
look kids, only a few more hours of penance
going underwater, as jess reported
guidance.....4 hours in the car with 3 kids
gps landmarks

lunch option
good times

a nice night for a stroll
wilton's on wilson
ireland's four courts....and two cute boys


  1. The fish is dead and the Ewok bit a stormtrooper. Send help!

  2. God's speed my friend. You blog fast. Atta girl.

  3. You beat the snowstorm..good for you! Have a wonderful time.


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