Thursday, February 17, 2011

mish & mosh

here's an update on the desk situation... it's still in the same place when raymour and fartagain dropped it off. in the middle of the living room and partially in the dining room.

it's a slow process over here, but i hope to at least hang the curtains in the toy shack (update...that didn't happen).  and then the room will really be ready for this desk that i am typing away upon.  changing computers, moving computers, and changing desks and moving HUGE desks is no easy feat.  but i did move all the crap off the old now all i have for inspiration are empty shelves and a very cute picture i took today....
 matty decided he wanted to put "stuff" in his hair today before school (at 10 minutes to midnight).  so like a good mommy i gooped it up and he told me not to flatten it..."make it all stick up, mommy, but not the sides!"  
so if you are reading this blog, which you are,  click the button on the right hand side that says "follow"...  also, you can leave comments under the blog if you have anything to say.  i found this neat article today, "how to tick people off."  take a gander and check out number 21. 
and since i am so new to this blogging thing, it's safe to say that i still have a very faint idea as to what is going on within this blog.  the font is so big, i try to change it, then it gets too small.... there should be a way for people to receive notification of a new blog via email, but not sure how....  
i have to say a HUGE thank you to my friend who i've known since almost the beginning of time, jen (the runner), who has helped me get this whole blog off the ground.  you can follow her blog too!
here we are after our 5k in bergenfield this past november with my friend vita.  
me, jen, vita

i went to the gym today and became one with the treadmill.  i wound up running an unplanned 5 miles thanks to my friend krissy and a little 80s triumph.  blast it!

and then tonight we found some love here at home...
our happy little ewok


  1. Love it! You're doing great with this blog it's been fun watching it grow.

    Ah thank you for helping me to get running…


  2. Love the desk, I think you should leave it in the dining room, makes for good conversation on your decorating abilities. But I really do like the desk., Rita


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