Monday, February 7, 2011

the ewok next door

i told my friend that i wanted to be a blogger, and when i was sending the text over, spell check did its pre-21st century job and it corrected the word "blogger" and made it "logger."  so immediately i thought of those cute furry big toothed animals eating through logs in an ice cold stream in some place i've never been to, like montana, or connecticut for that matter.  living in northern new jersey makes everything convenient.... going to the mall, getting a loaf of bread from the food store, finding a starbucks or two or three, always having access to a bagel, a flagel, and a tasty slice of REAL pizza....
with convenience comes taking things for granted.  being neighbors to connecticut, i've never visited.  seeing the statue of liberty from afar for almost 40 years, i've never visited....  i've only seen the top of the empire state building in the movie, "sleepless in seattle,"  and the only experience i've had with niagara falls is the old woody woodpecker cartoon "hurray!!".... 
but i'm not complaining...  we have our fair share of cute, furry animals living right here in the garden state.  there is one living right next door and the uncanny thing is that this little furry girl, mia, who also has a striking resemblance to an ewok, has one little bottom tooth that always sticks out, it's her mark, it's her ode to the wild log eaters.  or, actually it's just some freaky little tooth that won't go in except, of course, we get her a doggy dentist to do some cosmetic doggy dentistry. in this picture mia is hiding her fang but after reading this blog in progress, jess shot a short and sweet video to show the essence of the ewok....(click on the arrow below)

our little rent a dog, mia, has been visiting us for many months, on a pretty religious daily basis and stays for hours on end keeping a close watch on the doggy treat cabinet and the bag o' happy carrots calling her from inside the fridge.  little jessica skips over to borrow mia from our lovely neighbors living adjacent to us, and then mia and jess run back to our house like lassie with her fur flowing and tongue lapping and little house on the prairie's carrie running through the tall grass on a gleeful day. 
mia sleeps on our couch (i'm not sure she's allowed to do that at her own house) unlike those who are not sleeping in seattle, she eats lots of treats (shhhhhhh), and she gets a chock full of attention like a woodpecker tricking the officer to go over the falls in a barrel.   "hurray!!"   watch the link, a blast from the past....
mia brings us things that we may have been missing but haven't really taken the time to notice or appreciate... and our little ewok with her little fang tooth gets to take advantage of her convenience and enjoy the view from the crown where she is queen.
mia wanted to be in our christmas card picture....

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to the next one...I'm hooked : )


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